Friday, September 13, 2013

Just an Observation

I noticed that the way I view information has been evolving right before my eyes.  We all know that when the internet first started out that it changed the way we viewed information.  I remember as a kid looking through the volumes of Encyclopedias that Mom and Dad purchased from the Encyclopedia salesman.  I thought it was awesome to see the amount of information in those books.  When websites first appeared it seemed to be pretty much the same information that was in the books only difference was it had a digital format and could be searched for more efficiently.  Later websites got more visually attractive with interesting animations and cool graphics.  Today information seems almost alive.  Some sites are interactive, linked, and constantly changing.  For example if you wanted to learn about tornados a search might lead you to a site that offers a vast range of information that would include text, sound, video, interactive activities, and opportunities to collaborate with Scientist, Storm chasers, and Meteorologist.  My encyclopedia could never do this.  I am still amazed by the evolution of information and the impact that it has had on society.  I hope that every Teacher, Student, Administrator, or anyone who wants to learn understands how powerful this new form of information is.  I never dreamed that I would be able to write an article that could be read around the world...yet here it is.  Just an observation:)

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