How did we become Tech Ninjas

Jay and Matt are often asked how they became Tech Ninjas. It all started 47 years ago. Two ladies who shall remain nameless to protect their identities worked for a top-secret government installation known as Area 51. Because the government would not provide suitable daycare the ladies were forced to bring their infant sons to work with them. The ladies had advanced IQ's and were in charge of reverse engineering Alien technologies. One day Steve Jobs sent a team of highly trained ninjas to steal the Alien technology. Although the efforts caused many casualties and destruction the two infants survived. A Japanese custodian name Bob Smith rescued the children and fled with them to a remote island near Palo Alto California. There he began his 30 year quest to train them as Ninja! They also played a lot of video games...a lot...I mean like a real lot. 

But seriously folks our real stories are not nearly as dramatic. We work together as technology facilitators in the same county and we work on various projects together. One day we were sitting at a technology conference and we realized that the knowledge that we had was more useful than what was being presented and we knew we needed to find a forum to share this information with others so we decided then to create the tech ninja blog to help everyone become a tech ninja. One year later sitting at the same conference we created it...better late than never. Be fearless!