Friday, April 10, 2015

Free Apps

      I have a 16GB IPad 3rd Gen; I have filled this iPad up on three separate occasions and have had to delete apps to update existing apps.  Now while it is good practice to only keep the apps that you use, it just brings about the point of how many apps there are.  With the thousands of apps that are out there, I would say only about 30 percent are quality apps.  With so many apps it makes it harder and hard to find the apps that are great.  Many developers are finding that to make get there apps notices they have to reduce the price, maybe even making them free for a period of time.  I had followed some app tracking websites, but when I looked at the price drops to free, there were still hundreds of apps and many were not even worth the space on my iPad.  Until I found the Apps Gone Free app.  Now they take different app that have drop their price to free for the day, and then they take the best 8-20 apps and list them for you.  Now are all those apps worth downloading, no, there are several photography, exercise and games that are listing and sometimes the same app will be listed week after week, but I still feel that this is a way to get quality apps at the best price, FREE.  
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