Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Biggest Educational Technology Update in the last 10 years?

Mobile Devices?

I don't think so, the most influential educational technology development of the last 10 years is clearly YouTube.  Now some of you maybe saying, well we don't even have Youtube in our school because it is blocked, Doesn't matter.  How to you change the belt on your vacuum, there is a youtube video for that.  Want to learn the lyrics to the hot new song, there is a video for that.

So how do you  improve YouTube.  Thats were EduCanon comes into play.  Now Educanon will let you embedded a quiz right into a YouTube video, it keeps track of scores and gets rid of all those ads and even worse, the related videos.  Right now it is in Beta and gets better and better each day.  The login is simple, quick and FREE.

Check it out

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