Sunday, January 26, 2014

Down and Out Swivel Mount

So when the wife and I moved into our new house this past September we finally had a fireplace to enjoy, the only problem was that  with the fireplace there wasn't a good place to put the TV other than hanging above it.  The wife didn't want the TV over the fire place because it was too high and it hurt her neck.   We couldn't find another location in the room that worked better (we spend months looking at all different setups.  She told me what she wanted and she wanted me to make it, looking to save myself some time and energy, I went looking online.  Hoping the internet would have a solution, I found Dynamic Mounting It's the perfect solution, it looks great and the wife's neck doesn't hurt.  Now they have two different versions, and we decided to go with the swivel version and it was a great choice as I can clearly see the TV when working in the kitchen.  

Now check out the photos below to see how the mount works and I have also posted a video on YouTube that you can check out at

I know I still have to do a better job of hiding the wires, but I am going to run them through the wall, I just haven't had the time to set that up yet.  This has to be one of the most innovative TV mounts out there.  It seems like such a simple concept, but there was nothing else that I could find that was like it.  Add in the top notch construction and you have a very happy tech ninja with a very happy wife. 

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