Thursday, April 25, 2013

Becoming a GOOGLE Ninja- Step Three Search Sensei Part 2

Image By Simon

          If you can master Google, you are well on your way to becoming a tech ninja or at least impressing your friends.  Yesterday we discussed how to use the search feature more effectively.  Another important, but under utilized Google feature is the advanced search.   After you do a Google search on the right hand side of that page you will see a gear.  If you click on the gear, one of the options will be advanced search.  Now Google keeps moving the advanced search button, making it harder and harder to find, but it is definitely worth using. 
            Now once you are in advanced search you can easily limit your search to pages with, “all these words”, “this exact word or phrase”, “any of these words”, “none if these words”, and “numbers ranging from __ to __”.   While helpful, using the tips from yesterday you should be able to do all of that anyway. 
            However advanced search also lets you limit your search by language, region, and that last time is was updated, ( a very helpful tool if you are looking for information about something that happened recently).  If you know the website or domain the information is on you can limit your search to just that site or domain.  \
            To can also limit your search based on where the terms you are searching appear on the page, by the reading level of the page or usage rights.  You are able to also set safe search condition from this page.  There is one more feature that is my absolute favorite, the file type search.  You can set the file type that show up in the results.  I know when I was in the classroom, I would use it to find PowerPoint presentations that I could show my class, or find classroom letters in Word to edit for my own use.   Check back tomorrow for Step Three Part 3 of Becoming a GOOGLE Ninja. 
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